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Headquarters: No.801, ZhongXing Road, NingBo. 315041

Tel: 057487888022

Fax: 057487880641

Dispatched Tribunal of ZhouShan: No.305, DingShen Road, LinCheng District, ZhouShan. 316021

Tel: 05802323351

Fax: 05802323352

Dispatched Tribunal of WenZhou: the second floor of ShenLi building 4, CheZhan Road, WenZhou. 325000

Tel: 057788991839

Fax: 057788994779

Dispatched Tribunal of TaiZhou: the 15th floor of west tower in TianHe building, No. 95, TianHe Road, JiaoJiang District, TaiZhou. 318000

Tel: 057688685878

Fax: 057688685876

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