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Introduction to Ningbo Maritime Court

    Ningbo Maritime Court, established in December 1992, has jurisdiction over marine and maritime cases of first instance within its jurisdictional areas, which include ports, islands, coastal water and inland rivers connecting the sea in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Provincial higher peoples Court has jurisdiction over appeals against the judgments and orders of Ningbo Maritime Court.

    The internal organizations of Ningbo Maritime Court include: the Maritime Commerce Tribunal( Hai Shang Ting), the Maritime Affairs Tribunal( Hai Shi Ting), the Case Filing Chamber, the Enforcement Bureau, the executive office and so on. Besides, it has three Dispatched Tribunals located in Wenzhou, Zhoushan, and Taizhou. At present, there are 97 Officers in Ningbo Maritime Court, 46 of them hold masters degree of law, and one of them gets Doctor's degree.

    According to the Supreme People's Court on the Scope of Cases to be Entertained by Maritime Courts, the scope of cases in Ningbo Maritime Court are continuously extended, type of maritime case involves shipping, logistics, fishing, chartering, collision of ships, ship sale and purchase, oceanic environment protection and so on. Since the establishment of Ningbo Maritime Court, its number of cases has been sustained growth in a relatively stable state. In 2015, its number of accepted and settled cases is in the first place among the national maritime courts.

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