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Ningbo Maritime Court and Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration hold annual joint conference

    Ningbo Maritime Court and Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration held joint conference for the year of 2017 from the afternoon of January 4th of 2018 to the next morning. At the conference, both parties discussed the measures for deepening the interaction of maritime justice and maritime administration, and pictured the blueprint for jointly promoting Zhejiang marine economic development. Directors in charge of our court departments, and deans of the branches and organizations of Zhejiang Marine Board attended the conference. The conference had three items in its agenda.

    The first item was review. Ms. Zheng Juhong, Vice president of Ningbo Maritime Court, and Mr.  Tang Weiming, deputy director of Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration, summarized the general cooperation of maritime justice and administration of last year respectively. Ms. Zheng Juhong addressed that both parties had positively exerted advantages of cooperation and sharing, widened carriers of cooperation continuously, and achieved remarkable success in four aspects. First, arrest and supervision of ships had become safer and more efficient. Second, investigation and trial of marine accidents had been more fluent and normative. Third, administration according to law gained stronger public credibility. Fourth, normalized interaction and cooperation of both parties been widened and deepened. Ms. Zheng also expressed good wishes for next year, hoping of efficiency being promoted through strict performing, cooperation being deepened through sound mechanism and influence being expanded through innovation.

    The second item was discussion. The attendances carried out discussion over 29 questions with regard to procedures of assistance in ship arrest, safe management of arrested ship etc.. consensus had been reached, on which basis meeting minutes would formed.

    The third item was speeches. Chen Huiming, President of Ningbo Maritime Court, and He Yipei, the general director of Zhejiang Marine Board, delivered important speeches. President Chen pointed out that with the establishment of China(Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Ningbo-Zhoushan Port becoming the worlds first port with annual cargo handling capacity over 1 billion tons, Ningbo Maritime Court fully performed the duty of maritime trial, firmly promoted the reform of judicial mechanism and strengthened inner construction, which could be summerized by five highlights: positively participation in the construction of international maritime judicial center, integrated promotion of the Three Mechanism Construction, efficient solving of difficulties in maritime judicial enforcement, smooth promotion of criminal pilot trial and vigorous cultivation of legal talents.

     Since the signing of Cooperation Regarding Collaboration in Joint Efforts to Advance Construction of Zhejiang Marine Economy Development demonstration zonein 2013, annual joint conference has gave play to the important role of cooperation and cordinate development between Ningbo Maritime Court and Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration.


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