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Our Court Won the Award of Outstanding Organization in the Forum of Deepening of Reform and Construction of Legal for the First Time

        In the morning of November 7th, the ninth Ningbo forum of deepening of reform and construction of legal was held in the administrative service center of the city. The vice president of the law society of city Zhang Jian, the full-time vice president and general secretary Tao Lin, Zhang Bingsheng and other officers, among the committee members, the general secretary, the liaison officer and about 80 award winners, attended this forum. The vice dean of our research office Wang Peifen, as one of the two special commentators, made comments on the two first-prize awarding works. The representatives of the award winners, Wu Jing and Wang Xueliang, attended the forum on behalf of our court.

        The theme of this forum is to improve the legal research on the protection of property rights. It collected 138 papers, 35 of which were reviewed and chosen to be awarded by the Economic Law Society. Our court submitted 9 papers and 7 of them were awarded, which accounted for one fifth of all the winning papers, making our court the organ that won the most awards. Meanwhile, together with the law society of Zhenhai District, the law society of Fenghua District, the Ningbo Peoples Procuratorate and the Yinzhou District Peoples Court, our court won the Award of Outstanding Organization. The law society of Ningbo consists of 92 units, this is the first time that our court won this honor, breaking the record of zero.


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