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Taizhou Tribunal Held Conference in Respect of the Mechanism of Connecting Litigation with Mediation in the Disputes Relating to Fishing with the Fishing Administrative Offices of Shitang and Songmen

        In order to promote the mechanism of connecting litigation with mediation with respect to disputes over fishing, which was set up by Ningbo Maritime Court in 2011 in Zhejiang Province, positively support the Great Mediation Service of the Three Mechanisms, and ensure the safety of production and social harmony of fishing regions, Taizhou Tribunal of Ningbo Maritime Court held conference with the fishing administrative offices of Shitang and Songmen Town on September 21, 2017.The head of Taizhou Tribunal Ms. Shi Hongping, three other colleagues, and officers who were in charge of fishing from the two municipal governments attended the conference.All of 11 people were present.

        At the beginning of the conference, Ms Shi Hongping introduced the general profile in respect of trial and enforcement in Taizhou Tribunal during the past five years, and mentioned that disputes over fishing had also constituted an important part of the cases accepted by Taizhou Tribunal. Given that Shitang and Songmen were important fishing areas in Zhejiang Province, municipal governments of the two towns and their mediation organizations relating to fishing had been resolving disputes over fishing in a positive and efficient way. In the process of constructing the¡°fishing areas without litigation¡±, the targets of the fishing mediation organizations and Ningbo Maritime Court were in consistent with each other, so it is of practical significance to keep promoting the mechanism of connecting litigation with mediation.Combined with the tasks and requirements of the current promoted ¡°Three Mechanisms¡±, Taizhou Tribunal put forward an implementation scheme for cooperation and exercised a discussion over specific execution procedures with officers from municipal governments of Wenlin Fishing area. The officers accordingly responded that they would fully support and cooperate with the court in this work. They also stated that, due to the reform of mediation organizations, their organizations were currently facing the problems of insufficiency instuff and money, and they also came across some legal issues of which they were not sure now and then. Thus, they hoped that Taizhou Tribunal could set up mediation offices and employ mediators who were specially invited in the local area. Furthermore, since it¡¯s relatively far from the two towns to Taizhou Tribunal, they suggested that Taizhou Tribunal might carry out aperiodic assizes,popularize law in the fishing areas and offer professional advice and guidance to the fishing mediation organizations resolving disputes.

       According to communicating circumstances of the conference, Taizhou Tribunal would cooperate with the fishing administrative offices in Wenling through various ways, i.e. strengthening daily contact, offering professional legal guidance, co-constructing the team of mediators and extending service of registration of cases, so as to play a more significant and stronger role in resolving disputes over fishing and form a formal memorandum accordingly.

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