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Ningbo Maritime Court Announced 20 Suggestions to Provide Judicial Protection to the Construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone

    In the Morning of July 19, 2017, the Court convened a press conference in Zhejiang Bulk Commodity Exchange Center to officially publish Suggestion on Providing Maritime Judicial Service and Protection to the Construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. With the aim of initiatively participate in these national strategies such as Maritime Power, Belt & Road Initiative, Yangzi River Economic Zone, Free Trade Zone, the Suggestion strives to create fair, open and transparent legal environment, and bring positive contribution to legal, international and convenient business environment, for the construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

    Based on the maritime judicial practice in Zhejiang province and precise analysis on the FTZs unique advantages and function orientation, the Court, from strengthening security concept, precisely serving development and comprehensively promoting capacity perspectives, provides 20 suggestions, which are with clear objectives and focuses, planned in advance targeting precisely on legal requirement of FTZ construction.
The Suggestion emphasizes that the court shall take the initiative to broaden the international vision to create new prospects that maritime trial safeguards the construction of innovative governance system and modern management capability in the FTZ, to provide legal guidance and protection to speed up the formation of a unique and replicable system of FTZ construction rules.
    Positioning on maritime trial function, based on precise research and analysis on the strategy orientation, development objective, region arrangement, main measure of the FTZ construction, the Court accurately grasp the key points of serving and securing the FTZ construction, and suggests 11 specific measures, such as, serving the construction of bonded fuel supply base, promoting oil storage and transport business, reducing litigation risk of international ore matching and business, promoting safe, smooth and green development of petroleum and petrochemical industries, securing the system innovation on registration of international ships and the open of coastal transport market in order, securing the international maritime service base to be transformed from middle and low level to high level, securing the well development of shipping finance market, securing the promotion of shipping insurance service level, ensuring the order of safe production, promoting environmental friendly use of the sea in order, securing the system innovation of the FTZ construction, according to the law.

    The Suggestion also proposes 6 work mechanisms to serve and secure the FTZ construction, including, consummating the maritime trail to maximize its professional advantages, summarizing and refining rules to meet judicial needs of business internationalization, constantly improving the judicial transparency based on smart court construction, applying non-litigation dispute resolutions to promote diversified dispute settlement mechanism for maritime disputes, establishing a joint coordination mechanism to join forces to serve and secure the FTZ construction, summing up experiences and extending service to form a long-effective service and guarantee mechanism.

    Wu Xianjiang, press secretary of the Court, said on the press conference that Ningbo Maritime Court will initiatively follow the strategy of the central government, make full use of maritime trail function, put efforts on maritime trial tasks related to the FTZ construction, and pay close attention to any new issues may rise, in order to secure the system innovation and healthy and orderly development of the construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone.


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